Monthly Archives: September 2017

The Problem Bazaar

This is an idea for a community pattern, for something like a Rotary Club or church group. It requires a significant level of trust between members of a group.

A physical bulletin board, or something similar, is maintained by the group. It contains postings by members of problems that the group might be able to address. Early on they would probably be volunteer efforts to feed the homeless or build Habitat houses. As trust is built, members could get help with personal problems.


I’m Back

I’m starting to use this again. This time it’s about practical solutions to political problems. I expect to be posting:

  • summaries of complicated conversations;
  • ideas for how to motivate unfamiliar people to associate with each other;
  • relevant articles and podcasts;
  • my experiences trying to put all this into practice in my local community.

Whereas previously my blog has been about exploring my inner conflict, I intend this to be a much more outwardly focused effort.